Cardiovascular Training

Just maybe the most hated type of exercise: cardio.

Too often, we hear the word cardio and think, “nope, not for me, not today, or I don’t want to be bothered with that.”

What if we looked at cardio in a completely different way? A way that makes sense to our journey of healthy living.

The word cardio to most is looked at as simply running, sprinting, or any movement that makes your heart rate increase for an extended period of time. Although this assumption is essentially correct, the notion surrounding cardio in form of exercise, has a negative connotation.

Let’s change the way we see the word cardio and really take a look at how beneficial it is to our overall health!

Cardiovascular training is one of the most efficient ways to reach higher levels of health and fitness. Cardio allows the individual to train in a way that is beneficial to not only the external, but more importantly, the internal.

Training to focus on cardio has incredible effects on the way our internal organs work, develop, operate and regenerate. The internal organs that are improved through cardiovascular exercise include your heart, lungs, blood vessels, and more. These are some of the most important organs in the body, making it an easy choice to choose cardio exercises more regularly than we currently do.

If we take a look at the average individual who looks healthy from an external view, more often than not, the truth really lies from the quality within. If the internal organs haven’t been worked and tested, chances are the overall health is quite low.

Internal organs have a huge job to play in our everyday lives, making it a strange fact that cardio in form of exercise is often overlooked and even pushed to the side when it comes to health.

The cardiovascular system is comprised of a few main components including: the heart, the blood, and the blood vessels. Doing exercises that focus on cardio help to improve how fluidly the heart pumps, how strong our blood vessels are, and how well strong our lungs are, helping us to breath.

When cardio is overlooked and these areas are left behind, the overall health of an individual often declines and begins to diminish quickly.

Cardio training reduces a persons likelihood to illness, sickness, and even mental degradation.

Cardiovascular Exercises:

Any exercise that consists of at least 30 seconds of consecutive movement – causing your heart rate to increase, directly working your cardiovascular system.

Higher reps, lower weights: Aim for 15-20 reps, using a weight your body can handle at that rep count.

Less reps and higher weight is simply strength training, which is not the most beneficial when we look at working the cardiovascular system.

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