New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Beacon V3

NB Beacon V3

Running shoes come by the dozen – you could find different models, makes, versions, colors, materials, all consisting of the same shoes. The market for running shoes is so crowded and confusing, most people don’t have the patience to do the research and dig through the hundreds of pages of shoes that all look the same.

Benefits of This Shoe

Mentioned previously, the shoe market is loaded with thousands of different shoes, making you question, “which shoes do I buy”? Well, there are a few different categories related to running shoes, weight, durability, comfort, shape of your foot, etc. Depending on what type of running you’re going to be doing, you may get different shoes for different events, such as long distance, sprinting, trail running, etc. In this review, I’ll be going over Recovery Running Shoes, specifically the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon V3.


Sturdy is always a good option when it comes to a running shoe. This shoe provides awesome foot control, ankle control, and allows the body to move fluidly without risking too much movement that could cause damage or long term problems. The sturdiness of the shoe permits the runner to keep have good, stable security of the foot. This is a great shoe for those who may have a bit of a weaker ankle or are recovering from any type of injury/previous exercise.


The New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon v3 is a durable running shoe that’s ideal for almost any type of run, from trails, hills, tracks or street. The FRESH FOAM technology provides a cushioned and lightweight type of run, keeping the runners foot fresh and relaxed, while rubber outsole pods protect high-abrasion areas. These running shoes feature a soft, springy midsole that can help you move further and faster.


The whole reason for reviewing this product: recovery. This shoe is prime for those who are looking to recover after a long run, have put a lot of effort into their previous exercise or routine and are looking to relax and do a nice recovery run. This shoe comforts the foot and prevents it from being overworked, preventing muscle strains and sprains!

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New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Beacon V3

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Light weight


Great for recovery

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