Spring Colds and Fevers

Many people have the idea that a cold is brought on due to cold weather, changing temperatures, and winter or spring season. However, that’s not always the case. The cause of colds come from a low immune system being attacked by bacteria and germs, usually occurring during the transitioning periods between seasons – Fall to Winter, Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, and repeating.

There has always been a superstition that when there are a few warm days in the winter or cold days in the summer, people become nervous about catching a cold. We have come up with a few ways you can go about preventing a cold, as we all know that nobody enjoys sneezing, sniffling, coughing, or feeling down.

Here are a few tips and ideas you can follow to naturally avoid a cold during these changing seasons!

What to Consume?

Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, among others, are all phenomenal foods to consume during these cold winter months. These spices and ingredients all have properties that help with immune-boosting properties, which fight off infections and bacterias, helping to speed up recovery. Consuming these products will be bountiful in terms of benefits.


It’s that time of the year! Are you feeling weary, nauseous, or any bit of slighted? Consume some ginger!

After a hard workout are you feeling tired, have sore muscles, a bit depleted? Consume some ginger!

Ginger is renowned as a miracle root that has many healing properties! Ginger is an all around phenomenal ingredient that has many helpful benefits including: cholesterol, helping with indigestion, and working as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Especially during the winter and spring months, if you’re having a sore throat or mucus build up, ginger is a root that you should incorporate into your diet.

It doesn’t have to be consumed raw, however, it’s a very, very strong ingredient that most aren’t accustomed to.

Ginger can really help ease your symptoms with crystallized version or in a supplement form.


Turmeric has been known to do it all! It’s also part of the Ginger family, which we spoke about previously, making it an obvious choice when it comes to dealing with a cold!

Turmeric can be consumed in a myriad of ways, making it a great choice in the cold winter moths, as it can be added to soups, consumed in capsule form, or even added to smoothies.

Turmeric consists of properties that are great for the human body, making it so that virus aren’t inhabitable and prevents growth, reducing the risks of colds and flus.

Some of its other properties help to boost the immune system!

Green Tea

Tea! Who doesn’t love it? Tea can be consumed in hot or cold form, making it an easy choice regardless of the weather.

Tea, specifically green tea, has noted for years as a tea that is loaded with antioxidants.

With Green Tea, you can sleep safely at night knowing that your flu and cold illness will be kept away.

If you want to learn more about Nutrition and Healthy living, or if you are interested in helping to build this brand, head over to SANTORINOS.

Thank you for reading!

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