TheraGun Elite Massage Gun – 4th Generation

Massage Guns have been popping up everywhere in the past few years, most specifically the TheraGun.  This machine has been taking the world by storm, seen everywhere, used by top athletes, even the gym trainer has one!  Now it’s finally time to get your own!


Lightweight, sleek, and small give the TheraGun Elite a massive push ahead of some of the other machines in the market.  As a product that barely weighs over 4 pounds, it comes in a carrying case that can be fit in backpacks, suitcases, under seats, and in small, confined spaces.  We recommend this 

Long Lasting

The TheraGun Elite has a long lasting battery, upwards of 2 hours of use between charges.  This alone makes the price point worth it, as many other competitive massage guns have low battery life!  Finding a good machine that is portable, effective, powerful, durable, and has a long life is a rarity!  This is where this product comes in handy, as it can be taken all over and you don’t have to worry about charging it every 20 minutes.  It has an internal Lithium-ion battery offering battery life, twice the length of previous generations.


The TheraGun Machine is effective, durable, and strong. This is a product that will last years and even comes with a year manufacturer warranty, giving any customer the peace of mind that if the machine is defective, it will be covered for the first 12 months of purchase.  What this product consists of is something that most on the market don’t obtain: customizable speed range and an OLED screen monitor to track speed and force, operated via the Therabody application.  SmartApp integration, operated bia bluetooth, and wellness routines based on behaviors and preferences.


All of the TheraGun machines are powerful pieces of equipment.  However, the TheraGun Elite Massage gun is one of the most powerful versions that has been release.  This machine will dig into all those tight spots and release muscle tension in almost all parts of the body.  This product is great for all types of athletes, from beginners to experts.  This product is strong, durable, and has many great uses!  This is a deep tissue massage gun that has been used by thousands and recommended by many, this is why we recommend it and stand by it so confidently!  This machine has a state of the art QX65 Motor with Quiet-force Technology, giving the product a proprietary brushless motor and advanced sound insulation, delivering powerful, deep muscle massages.

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TheraGun Elite 4th Generation

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The Good

Light and portable

Very effective and durable

Strong and long lasting

Best alternative to a real life massage

The Bad


May be too powerful for some

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